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Hello world

Today I started a new website: Ellens World Travels.

As some of you may know, I had already a website for my travels to Tibet. Tibet is my favourite travel destination the last couple of years. But I have seen a lot more of the world then only Tibet. I’m a travel junkie and I have seen many countries over the years. And wherever I go I take my camera with me.

On this new website I will publish photos of my world travels. Starting with photo’s of my Central India travel in the year 2009 (total three series). So stay tuned in and follow my on the travels I have already made! Enjoy!



Photos of my Myanmar travel in 2008

I now have published all three photo series on my Myanmar travel in the year 2008: People – Daily Life – Culture. Looking back I’m very happy I made that travel in 2008 because at that time, there were almost no tourists travelling in Myanmar. We had the country almost for ourselves! And it’s such a colourful country with very friendly people. It was a great travel that I made with the Dutch travel organisation Koning Aap.

Website on my Tibetan Travels

I travelled a lot of times to Tibet since the year 2010. And I made a lot of photos there. You can find them on my other website. Click here to see this website.


You can enlarge the photos in the galleries by clicking on them. The photo will then appear in a photo viewer. By then using the left and right arrow keys, you can browse through the gallery.



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